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Four Fabulous Tales, Michael Ford


Four Fabulous Tales - from The Little Land

Four fairytales in one book!

Four Fabulous Tales all take place in The Little Land, the principal characters being a sparrow, a viking, Pierrot and the little mermaid. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and his beloved stories these modern fairytales told to children and adults are written for entertainment, education and immersion. The grey and very ordinary sparrow and the formerly so dreaded Viking are two rather different but nevertheless quite recognizable representatives of a small country, famous in the world for its Tivoli and the little mermaid, a statue created out of admiration for the great storyteller.

Four Fabulous Tales are part of ABZebra’s series of fairytales. 

The Little Mermaid´s Story deals in part with the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, in part with the famous bronze statue sitting on a stone close to shore in the harbour of Copenhagen. In this story the imagination of the great writer is entwined with the coming to life of the statue erected in homage to his famous talent. The reader is also offered a new and surprising spin to the original tale. 

The Last of the Vikings tells the imposing story of a man who lived his life as a Danish Viking a thousand years ago. Stretching from Denmark to Greenland and down the great European rivers all the way to the Holy Land, this story of love and war in dark and violent times takes us through the long and interesting life of a man who was truly the last of his kind. 

The Phantom of Tivoli Gardens is a bittersweet tale of love and bitter disappointment played out in the famous TivoliGardens in Copenhagen in the nineteenth century. A famous actor, the later so renowned storyteller and a true phantom are the principal players in this play within a play within a play… 

A Sparrow´s Tale is a fable about how a humble and ordinary existence rises to the highest pinnacle of esteem within his society. Set in a typical Danish woodland garden, it tells the story of an ordinary sparrow’s hard and even heartbreaking life up to the point where good fortune and a solid character raises it to unforeseen heights. 

Published: 27th September, 2006
Author: Michael Ford
Illustrations in black and white, cover and design by Regitze Schmidt
Printet in a great quality, paperback 
114 pages 198,00
ISBN 87-91687-29-2


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Four Fabulous Tales, Michael Ford
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