About ABZebra

Michael Ford og Regitze SchmidtThe publishing house of ABZebra was founded in 2002 by Michael Ford and Regitze Schmidt with the purpose of publishing new Danish fairytales and adventure stories with modern themes. 
Also, with the purpose of being the publishing house, which thematically continues the famous Danish tradition of storytelling – Hans Christian Andersen being the most famous of all such writers – and exclusively publishing books in this genre. 
ABZebra Publishing House & Alt-i-tekst.dk collaborates with a string of the finest free-lance people in the business as well as a solid staff of writers.
A subsidiary of ABZebra – Forfatterhuset.com & Alt-i-tekst.dk  – was founded in 1996. 
Alt-i-tekst.dk provides translation work in Danish, English and Swedish as well as articles/texts, ghost writing, conceptual work and correction work in the Danish language. 
ABZebra also provides readings and lectures for children and adults. 
These events take place in kindergartens and schools - and are also available for adults in company contexts.
The ABZebra logo is a push-up-zebra; illustrating fairytale, ability, skill and wisdom.
ABZebra is fairytale and knowledge from A - Z.

The ABZebra punch-line: The language of fairytales – the adventure of language 


Michael Ford, forfatter og forlæggerMichael Ford

is an author who has written fiction and drama for more than 40 years in Danish, Swedish and English. With a degree in English literature from the Universities of Copenhagen and Lund he has been a teacher and a theatre manager in Sweden and a teacher and a school principal in Denmark. 
The son of a British RAF pilot (Tony Ford, DFC) and a Swedish actress (Elsie Albiin) he has lived in Australia, Lebanon and Sweden, but he was raised and educated primarily in Denmark where he now lives a stone's throw away from Hamlets castle in Elsinore. 

The head writer of ABZebra is Michael Ford. His books are written and published in Danish and English. See his works here. 


Regitze Schmidt

has worked in the fields of advertising and newspaper publishing; she is the concept-maker, copy writer, editor and chief illustrator for Forfatterhuset.com, Alt-i-tekst.dk and ABZebra Publishing House - and has headed up her own marketing company in Germany and Denmark. 
In recent years she designed logos and illustrated magazines and books. Regitze is a dedicated networker - and the author of Mirror of my Mind, The Spring and co-author and illustrator of Livets Billedbog (2010).
She has drawn the zebra and is the illustrator of the fairytales of ABZebra. 
Marcus Kern
Works with the publishing house ABZebra on a permanent though freelance basis. 
He oversees projects such as fairs, exhibitions and negotiations abroad.
Moreover, he edits, judges and proofreads manuscripts for the annual fairytalecontest and functions as ABZebra's literary critic. 
Alt-i-tekst.dk & ABZebra | CVR: 26999545 | Lergraven 5, DK 3140 Ålsgårde - Danmark