Regitze Schmidt - in English

Regitze Schmidt

works as an illustrator, an editor, a copywriter, a lecturer and an author.
She has worked in the fields of advertising and newspaper publishing in Denmark and in Germany.
Her illustrations are aimed at both children and adults – they intend to support the text and increase the magic of the words. And she does fulfil her intentions – just listen to this quote:
“Her illustrations support the text in a clever manner. They are both naïve and detailed – and such a delight to discover. Her illustrations are universal; they are seen and read by children and adults as far away as in China."
She has drawn the zebra and is the illustrator of the fairytales of ABZebra.
Text and public relations, koncepts
Illustrations for leaflets, magazines, children's literature as well as for educational books and materials – illustrations with a twinkle in the eye.
 - the christening present for Denmark's new prince on January 21st 2006 from the Children's aid Foundation (has H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary as patron).
November 2006:
ABZebra can proudly announce that editor-in-chief, Regitze Schmidt, was nominated along with 19 other authors for The Début Prize with her book of short stories, (in Danish only) In The Mirror of my Soul.
Illustrations NOA by Regitze Schmidt & ABZebra | Lergraven 5, DK 3140 Ålsgårde - Danmark